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Gender Inequalities

  • Connaitre les inégalités liées au genre.
  • Savoir que cette inégalité se rapporte à une multitude de faits dans nos sociétés.
Points clés
  • Malgré des avancées, de nombreuses inégalités entre hommes et femmes persistent au niveau du droit, de la santé, de l’orientation professionnelle, etc.
  • En matière de salaire, à compétences égales, les femmes restent moins bien payées. Cet écart de rémunération est appelé “ gender pay gap ”.
1. Introduction

Even though improvements have been made to reduce gender inequalities, some work remains to be done if we want to achieve parity one day.
Indeed, women are still considered today as inferior to men, not only in the domain of work as we are going to see below, which means that they do not have the same rights, the same advantages or the same pay. How unfair ! The figures and statistics developed here are quite instructive but they should disappear once and for all.

2. Differences women have to face in the world

Here is a list showing the differences between men and women in the world today. Of course women are the great losers, so let’s hope that things will change soon. Equality must not be just a word, it must become a fact in all societies !

  • Because cars are thought for men, women are more likely to be injured in a car crash than men. Indeed, car makers imagine cars driven by men, not women. Consequently, the driving position and other important details (like the headrest for example) are not conceived for them and if they have an accident, they will be more exposed to danger.
  • 650 million women were married whereas they were still children ! This happens mostly in the poorest parts of the world where the parents are pleased to see their child off because they do not have to support the cost they represent. They prefer transferring the “ burden ” to another family.
  • In rural parts of Africa, who are chosen to go and get food and water ? Women and girls ! They spend billions of hours every year doing these chores.
  • 187 countries deny women the same work rights as men. 6 countries (Belgium, Denmark, France, Latvia, Luxembourg and Sweden) have better results but improvements still have to be achieved, especially as far as wages are concerned.
  • Only 22 % of Artificial Intelligence employees are women ! According to different surveys, women lack confidence though they are as able as men, but they have always been told that working in the domain of science is better suited for men... How stupid !
  • In the movie industry, two actors out of three are men !
3. The gender pay gap

In 2019, women are still less paid than men (20 cents less) and the difference is even bigger if the female worker is non-white ! But if men and women have the same job and qualifications the difference is much smaller : 2 cents less. There is a difference though that is difficult to explain !

It is believed that women occupy lower level jobs than man and that they take their time to climb up the career ladder. Maybe because they are not as focused on their career as men, especially when the time to have a baby and spend time with it is coming.

Unfortunately, it is thought that the gender pay gap will take 202 years to close.

4. Conclusion

Who can say that equality between men and women has been achieved when we see all the differences that continue existing between genders ? It is high time men realized that women deserve a better consideration especially in a world which demands more justice and which claims that women must be on a par with men. But we do not need words anymore, we need acts !

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