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How important is art in everyday life?

  • Comprendre l'intérêt de l'art dans une société.
Points clés
  • L’art ne se limite pas aux musées : il est partout autour de nous.
  • L’art occupe une place centrale dans nos vies : il nous permet de ressentir et de partager un large éventail d’émotions.
  • L’art rend la vie plus agréable, apaise et peut même soigner.
1. Introduction

When we think of art, we immediately imagine galleries with lovely paintings displayed on the walls. But there is more to art than famous museums like the Louvre or the National Gallery. Art is everywhere though we are not aware of it, and it is necessary to be very attentive to discover it, all the more as art is very important for man as we are going to see below.

2. The impact of art

Art has always existed, it is part of us, of our culture and it provides us with emotions that we like to share with our friends or family. It is not necessary to go to a gallery or a museum to enjoy a piece of art, indeed it surrounds us, it is everywhere.

Decorating cups or blankets, wallpaper or even a house can be pieces of art. You have a look at the colours or the design and you find them beautiful.

In fact, you are not indifferent and you let your emotions say what you feel. Art cannot leave you indifferent and gives birth to a wide range of emotions. That is the reason why we can say that music, cinema (the 7th art), books and even cooking are related to art. How many people cry after seeing a sad movie ? They are moved by what they have seen and their heart expresses what they feel. Art is very powerful and it is universal.

Moreover, it has a positive impact on our mood in the sense that it lifts up our spirit and boosts our productivity. Indeed, we work better when we are happy and everything seems so good ! We need art because it is vital, we could not live if art did not exist. We need to be surrounded by art, otherwise we would not try to make our workplaces or homes look nice, would we ?

You even find art in hospitals because it is essential for patients who have to stay long days or weeks away from home. It is worth noting that they recover faster if the room they stay in is well decorated or filled with pieces of art like paintings or sculptures. And if nice melodies reach their ears, they are able to calm down and keep their spirits up. Don’t we say that art soothes the mind ?

Art is also a way to understand who we are, our culture and traditions. It must be passed on to the next generations who will continue the process.

3. Why art is important to artist

If you ask an artist why art is so important for him/her they will have lots of answers or arguments to offer. They will probably tell you that art provides joy and confidence or that it is a different language which helps them express their emotions or communicate with others. It also relieves stress and is a good opportunity to show one’s talent.

Creating something that will raise people’s emotions is the ultimate goal each artist aims at. As we live in a world where life is not always rosy, we need creators to brighten our days, whatever the domain chosen.

4. Conclusion

To sum up, we can say that art is important for everyone, artist or not. It is part of our everyday lives and it makes the world look better. What is important is to know that everything can be a piece of art (not only Picasso’s works !) once you enjoy watching, hearing, reading, smelling or creating it. Art must live on, so let’s continue indulging our senses in all the pieces of art that surround us !

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