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The jobs that makes us dream

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  • Découvrir un aspect de la notion « Les univers professionnels, le monde du travail ».
Point clé
  • La recherche de travail peut être soit motivée par l’argent, soit par l’envie de s’amuser et de se faire plaisir dans son travail.
1. Introduction

Who has never dreamt of having a great job ? When you ask children what they want to do when they grow up, they give an answer in relation with their passion : vet, dancer, pilot, etc.
But unfortunately, and for different reasons, rare are those who fulfill their dreams. Nevertheless, it is important for children to imagine what their future job could be, thinking it is the best job in the world.

But what does the best job mean ? Is it a well-paid job or the coolest job that exists ? Well, to continue dreaming, we are going to tackle both types of jobs.

2. The best paid jobs in the world

Surveys show that job seekers pay attention to the salary when they browse the ads. This is even their primary source of motivation, and most of the time the other information do not matter to them.
It seems that dreams of long ago have vanished in the air and money has taken precedence over passion... Well, let’s see what these immensely paid jobs are.

Tech and healthcare are the domains where jobs pay very well. Among these jobs we find some physicians, pharmacy managers, pharmacists, software development managers, etc.
On average, they earn between 100,000 € and 200,000 € a year.
Impressive salaries, aren’t they ? They all demand valuable skills, talent, intelligence and will.

But not everyone thinks about money when they look for a job, they also want their future job to be fun and they prefer thriving in a job that suits them perfectly. Consequently, they turn to a cool job rather than a well-paid job.

3. The coolest jobs in the world

The different types of jobs we are going to deal with here are mainly related to childhood.
Indeed, Disney imagineer, Legoland designer and ice cream taster are on top of the list. Note that you do not only eat ice creams all day, you have to create them, too ! To be hired for one of these jobs, you must be creative and passionate.
Then come food blogger and travel blogger which require good communication skills.
The other jobs which make people dream are :

  • pixar animator,
  • bounty hunter,
  • hacker for hire (you work for big companies and prevent cyber attacks),
  • games designer or games tester
  • and memory surgeon (you are asked to remove bad memories, mental illness and destructive behavior from the human mind !). If memory surgeon does not exist yet, it may in the future and it seems that lots of people would love to become one.

Here, unlike the best paid jobs in the world, imagination is at the core of people’s reflection. Creating is the prime mover and even if the pay is less than what we have seen beforehand, pleasure and personal fulfillment compensate this fact.

If you like eating ice creams, tracking cyber pirates or traveling, there is a job for you somewhere.

4. Conclusion

The type of job people choose can be motivated by different aspects depending on their personality.
Some want to earn lots of money while others want to find the job they have always dreamt of or the job which offers much satisfaction.
What about you ? Have you ever thought about your future job ?

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