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Protecting the environment


Découvrir un aspect de la notion « Innovation scientifique et responsabilité ».

Points clés
  • Les menaces qui pèsent sur notre planète :
    • Les espèces menacées ;
    • Le réchauffement climatique.
  • Les gestes à adopter au quotidien.
Pour bien comprendre

Réaliser l'importance et la fragilité de la Terre

The environment is something we are very familiar with. It's everything that surrounds us and makes it possible for us to live on our planet: the air we breathe, the water that covers most of the earth's surface, the plants and animals around us, the rivers, the mountains, the sun... The environment is vital and we must respect it if we want to live in the best possible conditions. But unfortunately, the environment is changing because man is changing it.

1. Our planet is in danger

Our planet has been in danger for years now and it is high time we did something to save it! And it is getting worse every day.

When the first cars were made, or factories and electricity, people did not think they were polluting and that the problem would be difficult to solve for their grandchildren. But today we live in a world that is extremely polluted and the consequences may be dramatic for us if we do not take care soon. Temperatures in the world have risen by 1° in 100 years!

You have heard of the hole in the ozone layer, haven’t you? And the rise of the sea level because of the melting of the ice cap? The low islands which could be underwater if we keep closing our eyes on the issue of the environment.
What about the animals which die because their habitat is threatened? I am thinking of the orangutans and the development of oil palm plantations which is at the expense of primary forests. The black rhino and the Sumatran elephant are threatened, too.
Earth is such a beautiful planet! We must look after it if we do not want to see it die or be forced to live on another planet!

Of course, solutions have been envisaged but they are sometimes so costly that people prefer continuing polluting rather than change their habits.
Some countries, for examples Scandinavian countries, are deeply involved in the environmental issues and try to be as green as possible, but even if you live in a country which does not care about them, you can do something for the planet. If we all do something individually, Earth could be a much nicer place to live, so do not wait and take the right steps!

2. What to do?

Have you heard of Earth Overshoot Day? It is, according to the NGO Global Footprint Network, the date when the inhabitants of our planet have consumed what Earth can regenerate in that year. And that day comes earlier and earlier every year. For example, in 2019 EOD was on July 29!

If you want to be an eco-citizen, we recommend you to apply the 3 R’s: reduce, reuse and recycle as it is very important to deal with our waste.
Here are a few things you can do for the planet:

  • sort your rubbish (different colored bins can help you find the right recipient);
  • have a shower instead of a bath as it is important to save water;
  • turn off the lights when you leave a room;
  • unplug your appliances;
  • walk or ride a bike instead of using a private or public vehicle (and it is very good for health);
  • plant trees, fruit and vegetables;
  • transform sunlight and wind into electricity thanks to solar panels or wind turbines;
  • do not use plastic…

If you already go green, talk to your friends or neighbors about the situation, how serious it is and try to convince them to do something for the planet, too. Maybe tell your parents they should get rid of their old polluting car and envisage buying an electric one instead. It is not that simple because this type of vehicle is quite expensive and not everybody can afford them…

You see, there are so many things that can be done to save our planet that everybody can feel concerned. Our planet deserves a better treatment, doesn’t it? And we must act for our children and our children’s children. We must leave them a world in good shape, it is our duty. The worst solution would be to stand idle by and wait for the governments to find the solution. Everyone has their own part to play!
Luckily, millions of people all over the world take part in marches to protest against those who do not care about our planet. Will that be enough?

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