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The British Isles are composed of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland (Ulster) and the Irish Republic (Eire).
It is not to be mistaken with :
-- Great Britain: Scotland, Wales and England are a geographic entity.
-- The United Kingdom: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are a political entity.The British Isles cover 314 400 square kilometres.
More than 62 millions people live there.
1. The United Kingdom
It's 244 820 km2. The climate is temperate, moderated by southwest winds.
It's a constitutional monarchy : the Queen is Elizabeth II. She takes the crown in 1952.
There was an estimated 59 millions people living in the United Kingdom in 2001.
Its highest peak is Ben Nevis in Scotland (1 343 m), the second highest is the Snowdon in Wales (1 085 m).

The United Kingdom is composed of 4 countries :
-- England is 130 412 km2, its biggest city is London (7 millions inhabitants).
-- Wales is 20 779 km2, its biggest city is Cardiff (315 000 inhabitants).
-- Scotland is 78 133 km2, its biggest city is Edinburgh (448 900 inhabitants).
-- Ulster is 13 756 km2, its biggest city is Belfast (297 300 inhabitants).

Agriculture is intensive (wheat, sugar beet, barley). The economy is one of the strongest in Europe (heavy industry in the Midlands, wool in Yorkshire, iron industry in Lancashire, coal in Scotland, aeronautic in Belfast). The United Kingdom has large coal and oil reserves.

The most visited places are the Tower of London, Windsor Castle (in Berkshire), Westminster Abbey (London), and The British museum (London).

2. The Irish Republic
It's 70 280 km2. The climate is temperate. The president of the Republic is Mary McAleese (since 1997).
3 800 000 people lives in Eire. The capital is Dublin, with 953 000 inhabitants.
Its highest peak is Carrauntoohil (1 040 m).
The relief is composed of rugged hills, low mountains and sea cliffs on west coast.
Eire produces turnips, barley, potatoes, and sugar beet.

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