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The Gold Rush  
  • 1. The Californian Eldorado
    • a. Gold is discovered
    • b. The rush
  • 2. The consequences of the Gold Rush

Although there were many gold rushes in world history, the Californian gold rush was unique. The events that took place in the western part of America between 1848 and 1856 were to have determining consequences on the history and geography of the USA.
1. The Californian Eldorado
a. Gold is discovered
On the 24th of January 1848, James Wilson Marshall, a carpenter from New Jersey, while building a sawmill for John Augustus Sutter, saw and picked up gold nuggets from the American River (near the Sacramento River), near Coloma.
The word spread like fire. First, only those who were already in California started digging for gold. On April, 15th 1848, the word about gold reached the East coast, but people were sceptical as there had already been rumours of gold before. President James K. Polk confirmed gold had been
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