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Immigration in the United States  
  • 1. The first immigrants
  • 2. The major immigration wave
  • 3. The new immigration wave...
  • 4. Immigration today

The United States is a society of immigrants. Since its early days, the country has admitted more than 50 million newcomers, a larger number of immigrants than in any other country in history. Most people came, and still come today, for wealth, land and freedom.
1. The first immigrants
Stories of the New World's gold attracted the first Spanish explorers, who in 1500s established outposts in what is now Florida.

The British, who were the first to colonise on larger scale, came for profit and also for religious freedom. English Puritans, Protestants who disagreed with the teaching of the Church of England, established settlements in the north eastern region. When they settled in the New World, many immigrants tried to preserve the traditions, religion, and language of their particular culture. But the American society was predominantly English White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP).

2. The major
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