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Apartheid in South Africa  
  • 1. A brief history of South Africa
  • 2. Apartheid
  • 3. The Republic of South Africa

1. A brief history of South Africa
Situated at the southern tip of the continent of Africa, the region was first colonized by Dutch settlers who founded Cape Town in 1652. These people were known as the Boers.
English settlers soon joined them and Cape Town became an important trading post on the route to India.

The end of the eighteenth century saw a period of unrest, with wars between the Boers and African tribes such as the Bantus and the Zulus.
Cape Town became a British possession in 1814, and the British began to settle in surrounding regions, which were then called British South Africa.

The Boer war (1899-1902) was a conflict between the British and the Boers. Britain won.
This led to the setting up of the South African Union in 1910. It was a British dominion of the Commonwealth, with its own government under British rule.
It remained so until the Republic of South Africa was proclaimed in 1961.

2. Apartheid
Apartheid means "separate development" in
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