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The great famine in Ireland  
  • 1. Historical background
  • 2. The great potato famine
  • 3. Consequences of the great potato...

1. Historical background
Ireland first came under English control in 1175, when the Irish king, Rory O'Connor, swore allegiance to Henry II, the King of England. O'Connor and his descendants became vassals of the king of England.

In 1541, Henry VIII, the king of England, directly claimed the throne of Ireland. From then on, the land of Ireland was gradually taken over by English and Scottish settlers who obeyed the orders of the English kings.The Irish peasants often tried to rebel against their English landowners but they couldn't shake the yoke of their invaders.

English domination was completed in 1800 when the English Parliament voted the Union Act which made Ireland part of the United Kingdom. Political unrest then began in Ireland.
The situation was made worse by the fact that the Irish were mostly Catholics, whereas the English were

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