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The English school system  
  • 1. School organisation
  • 2. Schools according to the ages
    • a. Play school
    • b. Primary education
    • c. Secondary education
    • d. Universities

Britain has several school systems. The solution which is chosen depends on where people live and how rich they are. British law requires all children to be in full-time education from the age of 5 to 16.

Education in Britain is provided by the Local Education Authority (LEA) in each county. It is financed partly by the government and partly by local taxes.

Until September 1988, each LEA was free to decide how to organise education in its own area. But the National Curriculum was introduced in September 1988.
It sets programmes of study in a range of subjects for all state schools in England and Wales. Independent schools need not follow it, though many do.

1. School organisation
Most schools have a five-day week, from Monday to Friday. The schoo
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