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Henry VIII  
  • 1. Biography
  • 2. The Schism from the Church of Rome
  • 3. Henry's wives

Henry VIII reigned from 1509 to 1547.
1. Biography
Henry VII and Elizabeth of York had 2 sons: Arthur and Henry. Henry was born on June 28, 1491 in Greenwich Palace, near London. He was not supposed to become the King of England as his older brother was the heir to the throne.

Arthur died a few months after he had married Catherine of Aragon in 1502. Henry was ten years old at the time. As Henry VII was interested in Catherine of Aragon's dowry, some arrangements were made for Henry to marry her.

Henry became King of England after his father's death on April 22, 1509. He was eighteen years old. His reign would last 38 years.

As a young man, Henry was athletic, tall and full of enthusiasm. The young Henry does not at all correspond to the fat balding old man that he would be at the end of his life.

Henry is said to have had a great influence over the British Court and to have contributed to the English Renaissance. But Henry was particularly famous for the

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