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A Map of India  
  • 1. Relief
    • a. The Himalayas
    • b. The Dekkan Peninsula
    • c. The plain of the Ganges
  • 2. Weather
    • a. Winter
    • b. Summer
  • 3. Economy
    • a. Agriculture
    • b. Industry

With its 3,287,732 km2, India is the 7th biggest country in the world and the 2nd as far as population is concerned.
Its various borders are :
— In the North : Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.
— In the South : the Palk Strait and the Gulf of Mannar.
— In the West : Pakistan and the Arabian Sea.
— In the East : Burma, the Bay of Bengale and Bangladesh.
1. Relief
There are three main areas.
a. The Himalayas
It is one of the most famous areas of India.
It is more than 2,400 kilometres long and between 160 and 320 kilometres wide. Some of its peaks are the highest in the world (the Everest, the K2,etc.).
The Himalayas give birth to many rivers. The most important are the Indus, the Ganges, the Yamuna and the Brahmaputra.
b. The Dekkan Peninsula
It is the area South of the Narmada. It is bordered by two medium mountains : the Western and the Eastern Ghats. They look like huge
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