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The American college system  
  • 1. American Higher Education
    • a. Degrees
    • b. Private universities and state...
  • 2. The Ivy League and American colleges

1. American Higher Education
After graduating from High School, an American has the possibility to go to college.
The word "college" is a general term for university. It is sometimes used instead of "institute" (for instance, the College of business studies), or to define a division inside a university: the College of Music.
a. Degrees
A university or college can grant degrees. Basically, as a student, you can spend three to four years preparing your Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS): this is an equivalent of the French Licence.

After that, if you want to go on studying one or two years, you may prepare a Master's Degree, an equivalent of the French Maîtrise, and then a Doctorate, also called Ph.D (Philosophiae Doctor): this term is an equivalent of the French Doctorat.

The first year at college, you are called a freshman, the second, a sophomore, the third, a junior and the fourth, a senior. Before you get your BA or BS you

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