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Black music: the blues  
  • 1.The different kinds of Blues
    • a. General characteristics
    • b. From classic Blues to Rhythmn and...
  • 2. The evolution: White...

The blues is of major importance in the development of XXth century music: it has considerably influenced jazz, rock, and pop music. It is an Afro-American music which originated in the rural South of the USA (particularly in Georgia, Texas and Mississippi) at the turn of the century.
It derived from the work songs and from different styles of music existing at the end of the XIXth century: ragtime, religious music, Negro spirituals and also White folk music. Similarities can also be found with African songs of complaint.
1.The different kinds of Blues
a. General characteristics
At first, the blues was mostly vocal. It consisted generally in a solo vocal expressing woe (great sorrow, sadness) or tales of unhappy love, with instrumental accompaniment (originally banjo, then an acoustic guitar, and a harmonica).

Techniques are used to express feelings of sadness or melancholy and imitate the tone of human voice: guitarists sometimes bend the strings or apply a metal slide or bottleneck to them to produce a whining (complaining)

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