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Everyday life in Britain  
  • 1. Home sweet home
    • a. The house
    • b. The meals
  • 2. School
  • 3. Pastimes
  • 4. The media
    • a. The press
    • b. Radio and TV
  • 5. Celebrations

Great Britain is an island with its own traditions.
British currency: one pound = £1 = 100 pence.

GB = Great Britain = England + Scotland + Wales.
The UK = The United Kingdom = GB + Ulster.
The British Isles = The UK + Eire.

English is the common language, London is the capital. The Union Jack is the flag of the United Kingdom.
You can reach Great Britain by plane, by ferry, or by train and car with the tunnel.

1. Home sweet home
a. The house
The British live in a flat, a detached or a semi-detached house. The house is usually composed of a lounge, a dining-room, and two bedrooms. There is a small front garden and a bigger back garden.
b. The meals
For breakfast, English people usually have fruit juice, cereals, toast, butter and jam and tea with milk. The traditional cooked breakfast with eggs and bacon is served on special occasions.

The lunch is light and usually composed of a sandwich and a chocolate bar.

The main meal is at about six o'clock:
– one course (plat): meat and various vegetables.
speciality: the steak and kidney pie.
– sometimes a dessert: an apple pie or a pudding.

On many occasions during the day: a cup of tea with some biscuits. Crisps and

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