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Cours / Anglais LV1 / 1re L
  • 1. Summary
  • 2. Keywords
  • 3. Vocabulary

1. Summary
Braveheart refers to William Wallace, the courageous Scottish who fought against the English in the 13th century. In 1286, Alexander III of Scotland died and with him the dynasty of Canmore who had been reigning in the country for about 200 years. His granddaughter Margaret was his only heir but, as she was only four years old, a regency was set up. Unfortunately, the little girl fell sick soon afterwards and died. So, two men demanded to rule over Scotland: Robert the Bruce and John Balliol. As the Scots did not know whom to choose, they asked Edward I, the king of England, to settle the matter. He chose John Balliol because he knew perfectly well that he was easier to manipulate than Robert the Bruce. Indeed, as soon as Balliol’s reign began, Edward I treated him as his vassal. Even a weak king like Balliol could not accept those conditions, and in 1295 he rebelled against Edward I and signed the ‘Auld Alliance’ with France and Norway. Now their common enemy was England. In fact Edward I expected and hoped for this
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