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Cours / Anglais LV1 / 1re L
US Politics  
  • 1. The institutions
    • a. The executive
    • b. The legislative
    • c. The judiciary
  • 2. Federalism
  • 3. Political parties

1. The institutions
According to the Constitution, the government is separated in three bodies: executive, legislative and judicial. Each one is independent from the others and can check and balance them.
a. The executive
To be elected president, a candidate must be over 35, has to be born in the US and resident in the country for the previous 14 years. He is elected for 4 years and, according to the 22nd Amendment, can only be re-elected once.

The president and vice-president are not elected by direct election. It is done by an electoral college. Each state directly elects as many electors as it has Congressmen. These electors – who compose the electoral college – vote for the president and the vice-president separately.

The president is elected in November but takes office in January of the following year. If the president

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